Splendid China in Autumn and Winter + Creative Travel Route Design Contest

Showing the beauty of China while giving away over RM20,000 awards

The grand finale of the year-long campaign “Fascinating Seasons of Beautiful China” organised by China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur, namely “Splendid China in Autumn and Winter + Creative Travel Route Design Contest”, is now in full swing. In addition to presenting China’s beauty by the end of 2021, the organiser also holds a creative travel route design contest to showcase the beautiful scenery of China’s autumn and winter. By designing a travel route for China’s autumn or winter, one can stand a chance to win up to RM5,000 (IDR17,000,000)!

The public can view the beautiful scenery of China’s autumn and winter online through the event page on the official website of the China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur. More than 3,000 kilometres away from Malaysia, China has just celebrated the Winter Solstice, and the snow has covered the land in a blizzard of silvery charm. The splendid winter scenery in all parts of China is like warming up for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year.

Snowy scene of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

A'ershan National Forest Park in Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia.

In addition, Malaysians and Indonesians are also invited to participate in the Creative Travel Route Design Contest based on China’s autumn and winter tourism resources. Participants are required to design their route with themes such as “natural landscape”, “gastronomic delights”, “family”, “wellness” and etc., showing the charm of China from historical, cultural, gastronomic and folkloric aspects. The contest is divided into two categories: “Travel agency/tourism-related company” and “Individuals”. First, second, third prize and merit prizes will be chosen in each category, with total rewards of over RM20,000 (RP68,000,000)! The public can vote for their favourite creative route among all the finalists and the entry with the highest number of votes will win the “Internet Popularity Award”.

Shuangfeng Forest Farm, the filming location of "Where Are You Going, Dad?".

"Striking Tree Flowers" is a traditional custom in the Lantern Festival in Nuanquan Town, Yu County, Hebei Province

The “Splendid China in Autumn and Winter + Creative Travel Route Design Contest” is a collaboration between China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA), Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA), Indonesian Travel Agents Association (ASTINDO), Association of The Indonesian Tours And Travel Agencies (ASITA), and Tourism Development Committee of China-ASEAN Business Association (CABA). Through their online platform and emails, the collaborating organisations promote the event to their members and encourage the public to participate.

Changbai Mountains in winter

The deadline for contest registration is 28th January 2022. For more information, please visit the event page at China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur’s official website (www.chinaculturalcentre.my/beautifulchina_autumnwinter) and facebook (facebook.com/chinaculturalcentreKL)。

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