Monkey Wash, One of Malaysia’s Largest On-Call Car Wash Service App is Providing More Than 1000 Job Opportunities and 100 Micro Business Capital

The launch event is a platform to announce, empower and recognize employment and business opportunities carrying economic GIG initiatives

Monkey Wash, is a platform that aims to provide online car wash services to consumers and provide employment opportunities in Malaysia.

The launch ceremony held at Metal Bee studio, Petaling Jaya, was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports (KBS), Dato Sri Ti Lian Ker, who presented uniforms to the new Riders as well as recognized the 'Pit Stop' kiosk for the business capital micro program.

The esteemed Dato Sri Ti Lian Ker is proud that the young Founder of Monkey wash, Mr. Terry Swee was able to start a business that was much needed by the market after the MCO and the recent natural disaster. The government is interested in continuing to work with private sectors to provide business and employment opportunities to young Malaysians as a side or permanent income.

In addition, the event also took the opportunity to recognize the Monkey Wash’ Car Wash Kiosk Program. It is one of the micro business capital opportunities that Malaysians can join with just a small capital and start their own car wash kiosk through Monkey Wash’s platform.

MK Group Managing Director, Dr Raymond Ang, who praised the outstanding work by the Monkey Wash management in driving the growth, success, and marketing to elevate the company to become one of Malaysia's favourite car wash networks and platforms.

Founder and CEO, Terry Swee stressed that the platform is a breakthrough in the local business ecosystem as it can provides the opportunity to generate permanent and/or side income by becoming a car wash kiosk owner. Apart from that, future services that will be included on the platform apart from car wash will be launderette, house cleaning and others.

"The last few years have been very challenging, the locals have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. I am thankful to have been given a special opportunity to be with my friends in our country and provide online car wash services while generating a lucrative income in order to overcome uncontrollable situations such as this pandemic," he said.

Monkey wash is now active in Klang Valley, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Bintulu and Johor Bahru. Many more states will be opened and we will proudly start operations in our neighbouring country of Brunei next month, ”added Terry.

For more information, please visit and download the app by searching for its name in the respective App store.

To those who are interested in participating in the Car Wash Kiosk Program, please email to

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