5 Accessibility and Privacy Hacks that Every User Should Know

• Tips and tricks to help users boost the security and privacy of their smartphone

KUALA LUMPUR, 3rd November 2021 — Smartphones are more than just devices to stay connected in this digital era. Our devices need to keep up with our digital lifestyle and that’s where we not only rely on our phone’s hardware but also its software system.

OPPO prides itself of a long-lasting legacy of an Operating System (OS) which although has been around for less than a decade, has continually enabled its users across 68 different countries and regions to live a lifestyle of convenience and efficiency.

With its latest OPPO ColorOS 12, updates across the accessibility and privacy segments are designed to help users lead their best digital life and complement their needs. In understanding the pain points of users, OPPO has enhanced several key features including the Anti-peeping Notification, Microphone and Camera Toggles, 3-Finger Translate, FlexDrop and Magnification Feature.

The Anti-peeping Notification feature is designed to keep nosy individuals at bay and enable users to enjoy their OPPO device without having to worry about people snooping over their shoulders.

With the help of an AI-enhanced Smart Sensor, Anti-peeping Notification on ColorOS 12 helps to protect user’s privacy when using the device in public areas. When the Anti-peeping Notification feature is enabled, detailed notification content will be hidden if the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor detects someone else looking at the device when a new message pops up.

OPPO has also enhanced its Microphone and Camera Toggles to now enable users to stop all apps from using microphone and camera permissions. As privacy is an inherent feature of the ColorOS, the way in which users use their phone can now be easily managed, making them the master of their own privacy.

For instance, when an app requests for permission to use the camera or microphone function of the device, a flashing icon will be displayed on the status bar informing the user of which permission is being accessed by the app. This privacy feature also means that nobody can access the user’s camera without permission.

Translating has never been easier with the new ColorOS 12 as users are presented with two different options to seamlessly translate via the 3-Finger Translate feature. On the ColorOS 11, OPPO has partnered with Google to bring translation functionality powered by Google Lens. For the first option, users need only touch and hold on their screen with three fingers to activate a partial screenshot and then click on Google Translate.

Alternatively, users can use the Smart Sidebar to activate the Screen Translate function. This allows users to surf more content across different languages and always stay in-the-know as well as be kept updated with the latest trends such as content from the latest Squid Game television series which is in the Korean language.

The ColorOS 12 is built to be able to partner with users’ robust digital lifestyle which, involves multitasking oftentimes. Through FlexDrop, which was first introduced on the ColorOS 11, the feature will help to increase productivity and promote ease of use as app windows can be resized as small as the user desires, or be turned into mini windows to manage multiple apps at the same time.

That way, users can seamlessly switch between different apps with just a single tap.

The Magnification feature helps users to decode visuals and texts which may be too small, hence preventing any unwanted eye strains. The magnification tool which is part of the Accessibility 2.0 function of the ColorOS 12 enables content to be displayed clearly and will serve as a useful tool without needing the user to download external applications to help magnify the size of the content on display.

OPPO Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, William Fang said that at OPPO, privacy has always been its top priority when developing ColorOS products. “We are pleased to inform our users that on the latest ColorOS 12, we have achieved 100% integration with stock Android to enhance security and privacy features,” said Fang. In addition, OPPO’s aim is to help users across the globe to experience a different level of privacy and accessibility where the ColorOS 12 will seamlessly integrate into their digital lifestyle.

For more information about the OPPO ColorOS 12, visit https://www.oppo.com/en/coloros12/.

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