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OPPO’s send-in repair service offers users a convenient, hassle-free smartphone repair service

KUALA LUMPUR, 29th October 2021 — This October marks a significant achievement at the global leading smart devices brand OPPO. Up to date, it has launched a send-in repair service in 10 countries and regions around the world. This newly launched service for OPPO users who require a smartphone repair, provides an alternative logistics option instead of visiting a customer care centre.

The purpose of this campaign is to show users which services have been optimized and upgraded recently to bring them a more convenient experience that will help solve problems much more quickly and easily.

According to an OPPO user from Malaysia, he mentioned that he does not have to worry too much when his phone encounters a problem because the after-sales service from OPPO will always solve his problem quickly.

OPPO has accelerated the construction of contactless services due to the impact of the pandemic. Now, users who need to get their phones repaired can enjoy the convenience of Send-in Repair Service where they no longer have to visit the service centre. All they need to do is apply through the official website or “My Oppo App” to send their phones to the nearest J&T pick up point and it will be sent to a service centre for repair. Status of phone can be checked in real-time. When the phone is repaired and ready, it will be sent back safely to users.

Launching the Send-in Repair Service reduces the chance of close contact with outsiders and helps in lowering the risks of infection. This new service provided by OPPO offers convenience and flexibility for users as phone repairs can now be done in just a few simple steps while staying at the comfort of their homes.

In August, Zain accidentally broke his phone screen. He then applied for Send-in Repair Service and his device was sent within Selangor in the evening. The next afternoon, OPPO service center called to inform him that his screen had been replaced. Zain said, “The screen was repaired. They changed a new film and even cleaned my phone. It looks just like a new phone. To my surprise, I was only required to pay for the screen repair cost, everything else was free.”

From the perspective of OPPO's series of service measures, whether in terms of service dimension or service depth, the Send-in Repair Service reflects our on-going effort to look into user's pain points and continue to improve in the industry's key and difficult points. In line with our brand promise "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World", OPPO is determined to optimize and upgrade their service system.

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