FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Series

Japanese-inspired hair care series specially formulated using natural extracts for Hijabis to achieve a smoother, healthier and fresher hair

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 October 2021 - As we enter new phases of the National Recovery Plan and transition back into our regular routines, this likewise means spending more time outside of our homes. For Malaysian hijabis, exposure to heat and humid environments can lead to increased itchiness, unpleasant odours and can cause hair to be prone to dryness, resulting in hair loss due to hair being bundled up for long periods of time. Understanding the essential need for effective and worthwhile hair care, FOLLOW ME is excited to introduce the FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab series which is formulated with natural Japanese Green Tea and leaves hair fragrant for 48 hours e to ensure active and vibrant Malaysian women can strive to live their best lives all while rocking their hijabs. 

Drawing inspiration from Japanese technology, FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab range is in line with the brand’s ethos of dedication for continuous improvement. FOLLOW ME realizes that Japanese technology is the perfect solution to help hijabis have clean and fresh hair all day long. The brand hopes that with this line of products, hijabi women in Malaysia can carry on with their life without worry. FOLLOW ME dives deeper into the gifts of nature by incorporating natural ingredients with their natural green tea formulation. A key ingredient in all FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab is the trusted and adored habbatus sauda. Habbatus sauda is the ideal ingredient to restore hair growth thanks to its high concentration of thymoquinone, a powerful antihistamine packed with properties to relieve inflammation, retain moisture and maintain good scalp health. Known as an antioxidant, green tea is the perfect ingredient to compliment habbatus sauda, combining to make FOLLOW ME’s superior formulation that can address hair fall concerns among hijabis. 

The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Hair Fall Solution pH-balanced shampoo nourishes hair at the root level to ensure stronger hair. Paired best alongside the Hair Fall Solution Conditioner, this duo will work wonders to prevent hair loss, breakage and split ends leaving hair healthy and silky smooth with its special Fig scent. FOLLOW ME Green Tea Anti-Itch shampoo is infused with natural green tea antioxidants and extracts to halt excessive oil build up and heal sensitive/itchy scalps leading to clean, shiny, and bouncy hair with the marvelous smell of Pomegranate. FOLLOW ME also has your hair mists covered with the Anti-Frizz and Soft & Volumizing options to give you a handy, on-the-go fix that comes with an airy lightness to not only leave your hair nourished and soft but also fragrant with its long-lasting fruity and floral scent. 

Have your hijabi hair care routine down on lock with FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab line. With this series, FOLLOW ME is catering to various hair types and you’ll surely find one that suits you best. The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab range is available in retailers near you as well as online at Shopee and Lazada.

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The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab range includes the following:




FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hair Fall Solution Shampoo


RRP: (650ml) RM19.50;
(320ml) RM11.20



FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hair Fall Solution Conditioner


RRP: (320ml) RM11.20




FOLLOW ME Green Tea Anti-Itch Shampoo


(RRP): (650ml) RM19.50;
(320ml) RM11.20





FOLLOW ME Green Tea Anti-Frizz Hair Mist


RRP: (100ml) RM14.90






FOLLOW ME Green Tea Soft and Voluminous Mist


RRP: (100ml) RM14.90



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