Power Root Helps 36 Malaysians to Fulfill Their Umrah

Power Root Berhad, famed for its Alicafe brand of coffee, is helping 36 Malaysians from all walks of life to fulfill their aspirations to perform the Umrah, in a unique initiative to give back to the community.

 “We understand that going to Mecca to perform the Umrah and the Hajj, is an obligation and duty for Muslims. And many of them save hard for years, just to be able to pay for the trip,” its chairman Dato' Afifuddin Bin Abdul Kadir said.

“We therefore decided to do our bit, by helping them to perform the Umrah, considered a minor Hajj, through our “Tunaikan Hasrat Umrah” contest whereby  we will give away 18 Umrah packages. As each package is for two persons, we are actually sending 36 of our customers to Mecca,” he added. 

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony for the first seven winners, Dato’ Afifuddin said: “To ensure that the winners travel to their Umrah without worries and are well-taken care of, we approached Tabung Haji Travel and Service to provide our winners with one of their top packages.”

 The contest was launched on 1 May in conjunction with Ramadhan and will run until 15 September 2017.   As at 15 July, seven winners have been picked, using an algorithm to calculate the winning serial number. 

To participate, customers need only purchase any Power Root product, in packs or in tins, cut out the logos or the opening tab of the tins to be submitted with the contest forms. Contest details, rules and regulations can be found on www.powerroot.com.my or  Facebook Alicafe,  Facebook Per’l and Facebook Powerroot.

Dato’ Afifuddin also said that the Company was happy to learn that the winners were from all walks of life and very different backgrounds.  A few, shared their heart-warming tales with Power Root.

They are:
i. Ruhaizat bin Hj Mohamed Amin, a retiree, from Melaka, lost all his savings when he lost his wallet at a shopping mall in Melaka. Unable to find a job, he was hard-pressed to make ends meet.

“I have no words to describe how happy I am to have won this Umrah Package. Thanks to Power Root, even though I have nothing left, my wife and I would now be able to perform the Umrah.”

ii. Aziana bt Adnan, from Klang feels so blessed to have won the Umrah package, that she wants to do a good deed in return for a  friend in need.  Her first thought was to offer the other place in her package to a female friend, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, so that she can help her make the trip.  However, under the “Mahram” ruling, she has to be accompanied by either her father, a brother or male relative.

iii. Abdul Mustakim bin Ali, has not had time to let the news sink in yet, as he has been too busy shuttling between  his home at PPR SRI STULANG,  Johor Baru and Singapore where he works as a courier service attendant?  He  almost missed the prize, as he was too busy on his delivery rounds and did not pick up Power Root’s first call. However, thanks to the persistence of the Power Root team, they managed to get through to him. 

iv. Nor Shuhadah, bt Daman Huri from  Puchong, said  her husband and herself are  fans of Power Root beverages, and it was their good fortune that her sister runs a restaurant  in Kota Kemuning where the  canned  Alicafe drinks are one of the top sellers.  She could not believe that her husband’s diligence in sending in the entry forms finally paid off!

v. Puan Pauziyah bt Jantan of Shah Alam said she entered the contest with an intention of bringing  her mother-in-law to Umrah with her. She said her mother-in-law, who is a very kind-hearted person has not yet step foot onto the Holy Land.
The other winners are: Mohd Hanafi bin Nasarudin (Jerantut, Pahang) and Nawi bin Awang (Felda Besout 6, Sungkai, Perak).

Dato’ Afifuddin said that the Tunaikan Hasrat Umrah contest demonstrates that Power Root,   a home-grown company, really understand the needs of our Muslim customers.   

“Not only do we produce high quality drinks and beverages that cater to the taste-buds of Malaysians, we also ensure they are halal, to meet the requirements of our Muslim customers,” he added.

Power Root, listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, manufactures and distributes beverage products and a wide range of herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs that are indigenous to Malaysia.

These herbs, known by their common name as "Tongkat Ali" and "Kacip Fatimah" are known for properties that promote physical well-being, and are highly regarded by Malaysians. 
With the determination to promote these local products in the international markets, Power Root has invested heavily in research and development of these traditional herbs to create its own brand of products, that include Alicafe, Alitea, Per’l and Extra Power Root.

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