GOASEAN Embarks On a New Adventure with TONTON

GOASEAN, a multiaward winning Southeast Asian travel content producer, announces its new partnership with tonton Malaysia's first and largest homegrown video streaming servrce, owned by Media Prlma Berhad (Media Prima). As partners of ASEANQSO, a campaign celebrating 50 years of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), GOASEAN enters the fast growing over~the-top (OTl’) space as part of an  extensive expansion plan to broaden their reach to a wider audience. 

With this collaboration, tonton's VIP subscribers will be able to garn insights and delve deep into the hidden treasures of Southeast Asia through the different travel programs showcased on the GOASEAN channel from April 2017 onwards. 

Having reached more than 6.6 million users, tonton offers a full library content oi over 23,000 hours which Includes catch-up, exclusive UVE events and premium channels. Moreover, tonton's user base continues to soar with 18,000 new members weekly. The VIP subscription plan starts from as low as RM3 (daily), RMS (weekly), RMIO (monthly) and RM96 (annually). 

'The growth of OTl' Video delivery has been nothing short of spectacular, As we move to greater heights in 2017, in conjunction with our second-year anniversary in June, partnering with Malaysia’s largest and most recognised video streamrng servrce is a significant milestone For GOASEAN We look to expand our audience reach through media partnerships tailored to the err-demand generation of today We will continue efforts to produce high quality content to further promote the Southeast Asian region through such partnerships. We look forward to working closely with tonton on promoting Southeast Asia as a major tourism destination.‘ said Mr. Zefny ldris, GOASEAN Vice President Brand. 

Ms. Airin Zainul. Director of tonton & Licensing and Merchandising said tonton users who are consumed by wanderlust will now have something extra to look forward to as they will have the privilege of watching these travel shows on the go. 

'Most people love to travel nowadays and since tonton resonates well with the masses, this will be the best platform that serves as a guide for travelers. They can now watch these GOASEAN programs anytime and anywhere,” added Airin. 

GOASEAN high quality content productions features stories, destinations, people and cultures to highlight the best of Southeast Asia. GOASEAN original series will be made available soon
on tonton.

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