MUD KL The Musical Theater You Cannot Miss When You Travel in Kuala Lumpur

When I decided to go KL for transiting before I fly to Indonesia, I booked MUD KL The Musical Theater ticket trough online. The musical theater performance held twice everyday throughout the year. I booked the ticket without any ideas what the theater is all about. I didn't checked their website. I just clicked it and I thought it must be good to spend my night in KL before my backpacking journey.

Because I had my dinner at 7.30pm, and at 8.00pm the taxi picked me up. Unfortunately there was a heavy traffic jam around KL. I ended up 10 minutes late to the show. That's mean I missed the opening of the show.

When I arrived at the counter, the first question was "Can I enter the hall?". Luckily yes! They checked my name in the system because I bought online. The ticket is RM60 and RM45 (For Mycard holder) but I pay for RM50, it must be credit card or weekend. I don't know.

As I late for 10 minutes, I took for some time to calm down and to catch and understand the story line. You can take a photo but no video recording is allowed.

I am surprised the lead actress is one of my friend back in university. She and I were in the same dance team 8-9 years ago. I am proud of her. 

What a love about this musical is their performance. Even though they look young, but they are quite good. The props and the stage effect also amazing. The songs and the dance choreographs are spectacular. It reminds me those day where I was actively involved in the art activities when I was a student. 

The story line is all about the history of Kuala Lumpur. Some of it I never knew. When talking about Malaysia, of course there are all about the diversity of culture. You can see Malay, Chinese and Indian in one community.

The show is about 60 minutes. The audiences may have a chance to take part in the theater. It was kind of fun. I was taken part at the extinguish the fire scene, and I was like "What the hell I am doing", but who cares.

One thing may spoil the show, the hall is too hot. I know that the audiences were not more that 15, it seem that they slow the air-conditioning. With the stage lighting, the hall become really hot and I was not really comfortable during the show. Plus, I need to take part in some scene, which made me sweating!

At the end of the show, you will have a chance to take photos with all the casts. Don't it sound fun?

Is it my RM45 worth it? If you want to spend some time with the watching the musical, well, I can see it's worth. You might learn some new knowledge though.

Me with the casts. Thank you!

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